Mad at Maths
How are you feeling:Frustrated

Lets understand why you feel frustrated:

I couldn’t do my maths homework

Why is I couldn’t do my maths homework making you feel frustrated:

Because I am dumb at maths

I am feeling frustrated because I am dumb at maths

Tell me the reasons why you think I’m dumb at mathsT

I cant do the maths homework without help

I don’t understand the questions

It takes me a long time to complete it

What reasons would other people give to tell you your thinking may be wrong?

When I do maths in class with my teacher it makes sense, sometimes I can do maths, I am better at maths than my little brother, I always get some questions right, I am better at maths this year than I was last year

What other things are going on that make this situation seem worse

I am tired when I do my homework, there is no one to help me, my sister is outside playing

What are all the different things that might happen – good, bad and most likely?

GOOD: might never get maths homework again

BAD: I will have to do extra hard maths every day and be called dumb

MOST LIKELY: Ill get some answers right, some wrong and ask the teacher to help me tomorrow

What would you tell a friend who felt the way you do?

Don’t worry too much, just do the questions you can do and ask your teacher to help explain the rest tomorrow  or there is no point getting really upset as its not going to make me better at maths