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Recent article in The New Moon Magazine for Girls:


December 2014: Sara won the 2014 search for a techgirl superhero.  Below is a link to the news article about this and her school:

Positive Penguins in the top 10 education apps and reached number 1 educational app in Australia in 2015:

PP number 1 c

Positive Penguins in the “what’s hot” itunes apps:

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That’s Life Magazine article published 25 July 2013:

That’s Life “An App For Happiness”

Sara (creator of PP and her mum Meg were asked to do a webinar on Building Family Resilience and how the positive penguins came to be.  Here is a link to the webinar if you are interested:

Another great review – this time from Fun2tap:

Educational App store has given us a 5 star review – it is unusual for an app to gain such a high review so we are thrilled.

Positive Penguin Review from the Educational App store: Overall, the app is very good. We have never seen an app that summarises the use of Cognitive Behavioural Psychology quite so effectively. …..the app is a fantastic resource for children and adults to engage and work through feelings to aid positive emotional development. Overall a 5 Star App.

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The Herald Sun:

The Appy Ladies Review:

Penguin Appreciation Day – iMums

5 iPad apps for Social emotional learning

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