We have developed a few posters for you to download and print for your child’s bedroom or for classrooms. Enjoy and if you have any ideas for more posters please contact us.

Activity Sheets

Please download the colouring-in sheets for a rainy day!!

Positive Penguins Lesson Plan

Please download the attached detailed 60 minute lesson plan – this lesson plan can be used with individual ipads or with just one ipad or iphone and a projector or interactive white board.

Positive Penguins Information

Please download brochure about the Positive Penguin app

Further Resources

If you would like further resources please send us an email on

We hope to add further resources and other ideas parents and teachers have to help children become more resilient by challenging their negative thoughts and choosing to feel differently about situations.

Positive Penguins Worksheet

Please download the attached Positive Penguin worksheet – this can be used if you do not have an ipad, iphone or ipod touch to run the app.